Toilet Troubles

When it comes to devices in our home that we’d like working 100% of the time, toilets come in first place. While everything is eventually going to break, we can stretch the amount of time it functions to be as long as possible by giving the toilet a little care and understanding.

The basics

Like puppies and babies, toilets don’t like to be overfed, and the results are much the same. What we put into it is going to create a clog, and everything flushed down after that is going to come back up. This includes things like ‘flushable’ (Ha!) wipes, paper towels, baby diapers, Q-Tips, makeup remover pads, condoms, ladies’ products, and wrappers for ~anything~. In fact, if it isn’t toilet paper, it shouldn’t be flushed!

Also, flushing toilet paper is best done in small increments. So, if you’re going to put a large amount of paper down the toilet, do so in small increments with flushes in between. Such a practice allows the material to move down the pipes instead of becoming stuck.


Small children should be watched carefully around toilets as they have a propensity for flushing toys and other small objects down the toilet out of curiosity.

Holidays put a terrible stain on the family plumbing system, but the toilet in particular, because everyone uses it. In fact, Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers because of toilet overuse.


If you have trees within the immediate vicinity of your plumbing lines, a slowing or backup of the system could indicate a tree root problem. A tree root problem has to be cleared up by a plumber. But, with drain inspection cameras and jet rooters, digging up the yard to find root-infested pipes has mostly become a thing of the past.

Other problems

Some other issues are a toilet that makes odd sounds, smells terrible, leaks, fills slowly, continually runs, flushes itself or won’t flush. These are indicative of a leak, broken mechanism, unsealed wax ring, cracked flange, or other problem. It’s essential to get small toilet problems repaired before they make everyone in the home miserable or lead to more significant issues.

Whether your toilet problem is a minor one like overuse or a major one like tree root invasion, we can help. We use state-of-the-art plumbing tools and equipment, and have the knowledge and experience to get your toilet working again in no time.

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