Mesa Drain Cleaning Experts

We offer drain cleaning and repair in all commercial and residential applications. These include kitchen and bathroom drains: sink, shower, and industrial drains, sewer pipe cleaning and repair, landscape pipe damage repair, water heater plumbing and repair. 

Call us for help with:

  • Drain Repair

  • Hydro Jetting Clog Removal

  • Rooter Service

  • Camera inspections

What are signs that you need drain cleaning service?

  • Water drains slowly or not at all
  • The toilet bowl is suddenly completely empty
  • Sewage backup in a shower or tub

What can you do to avoid this issue?


Keeping drains clear is an easy way to prevent a nasty sewage backup. If you notice your sinks draining slowly, an odd odor, or anything unusual, call Jimmy Joe's Plumbing today!


Benefits of Timely Drain Cleaning


Many drain problems develop over time, as substances build up in drain pipes as the result of grease, hair, soaps, and other substances. Clearing those substances out completely, rather than just getting the drain going again, will create a free flow that simply unclogging won't.


What is Hydro Jetting and what are the Benefits?

Hydro Jetting is the use of a high-powered jet of water to completely clear drain pipes without damaging plumbing. 


  • clean pipes with widths from 2” to 16” in runs of up to 500’
  • removes buildup in pipes
  • high pressure cuts through the toughest sludge
  • cuts through invasive roots 
  • blasts away mineral buildup
  • no digging up landscaping, tearing out walls or flooring