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Twenty four years in the plumbing industry had given Jimmy Joe's Plumbing a level of expertise and sterling reputation you won't often find in the plumbing industry. Located in Mesa, AZ, we serve customers Valleywide. Our full-service plumbing capabilities offer peace of mind to homeowners, industrial and commercial businesses alike.


Residential and Commercial Plumber.

The range of our skills go from repair, remodel, large scale, small scale, and emergency service in addition to all facets of design and construction. Our commitment to continuing education and certifications make it possible for us to keep abreast of the very latest advances in the plumbing industry.

Why our customers call us.

We operate from a position of respect. We respect your time by arriving promptly and expediting your repair or remodel in a timely manner. We respect your property by providing the best possible service we can offer, and we respect your budget because we know you worked hard for your money and deserve a good value when you hire us. 


We're also experts in handling Plumbing Emergencies.


General Plumbing:

  • Water Heaters  
  • Faucets & Sinks  
  • Green Plumbing Solutions 
  • Toilets  
  • Back Flow  
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Tubs & Showers  
  • Garbage Disposals  
  • Plumbing Remodeling  
  • Drain Cleaning    
  • Water Treatment  
  • Damage Prevention

Leak Detection

A water leak can cause unrepentant damage to your home and property.  But, because water moves in unusual ways, sometimes locating the source of that leak can be a time-consuming, and therefore expensive, proposition.

We use the most advanced technology and expertise to not only determine the cause and placement of the leak, but also determine if the issue is singular or a systemic failure.  This gives you the best possible outcome with regard to water loss and property damage.


Toilet Repair

We offer toilet repair or replacement if your toilet is leaking, clogged, running, filling too slowly or improperly, or not flushing.  We offer environmentally-friendly water-smart options.



Water Heater Repair

Replacing your hot water heater can be an expensive option. Sometimes it's more economical to repair a hot water heater which is in otherwise reasonable condition. We can also offer hot water solutions for larger homes and in situations where a standard hot water heater isn't practical.



Pipe Repair

We repair damage to pipes, both freshwater and wastewater, can be caused by a variety of factors, including landscape (root) damage, vermin damage, backflow prevention, hot water heater issues, and appliance issues.


Drain Cleaning

We offer drain cleaning and repair in all commercial and residential applications. These include kitchen and bathroom drains: sink, shower, and industrial drains, sewer pipe cleaning and repaid, landscape pipe damage repair, water heater plumbing and repair.


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