Mesa Shower and Tub Installations and Repairs


Your tub or shower are the indoor equivalent of a big watering hole in your home. For this reason, containment and trouble-free plumbing are essential.

In addition to our extensive professional skills, the team at Jimmy Joe's Plumbing keeps abreast of new technologies and hardware available to make our customers' plumbing the best it can be.

When it's time for a new shower or tub, or even a repair on an existing one, don't you want the very best at hand to make sure you're getting every advantage in plumbing and hardware?

Signs Your Shower or Tub Needs Repairs:

  • Tub or shower is damaged or causing water damageSoggy or damp walls
  • Leaks along the tiles
  • Cracks, chips, or stains on the surface of the tub or shower
  • Musty odor



Quality Installation and Repairs Makes the Difference

Showers and tubs mean comfort and hygiene for your whole family, and should be installed to last for many years. When they need repair, professional, expert repair service is paramount. In addition, many homeowners are installing Smart, low- or no-threshold showers, and walk-in tubs for the mobility impaired.