Broken Garbage Disposal? Get it Repaired or Replaced by Professionals

If your garbage disposal isn't working, leaks, smells bad or is backing up, we can help! Common causes of odors and clogs can often be resolved without having to purchase a new unit. We have the tools and expertise to repair or replace your garabage disposal as the situation demands.



What are common garbage disposal issues?

Garbage disposals can have such problems as not working,  slow draining, leaking, or even a bad odor. If you have any of these problems, Jimmy Joe's Plumbing can help!


What to look for in a quality garbage disposal unit:


Horse power, noise level, price, and intended use are some of the things to look for in a garbage disposal unit. Bigger units cost more and take up more space, but have a higher grinding capacity. Better units cost more but work better.


When should you replace your unit?


If the horsepower level is inadequate (frequent clogs and resets), or the existing unit is leaking because it's rusted out, it's time to replace the unit!

In addition, when you purchase a new sink or dishwasher, a new garbage disposal makes good sense.