Reasons to Use a Drain Inspection Camera

Every now and then, a plumber has to reach for the drain inspection camera. There are few things more intriguing to a human being than being able to go someplace we’re not allowed to go. The sewer line has a big imaginary, “No Admittance’ sign. The plumbing camera gives a clear view all the way down to the city sewer line. New technology provides HD views of the line all the way down.


Home Inspection

A drain line inspection can be necessary for several reasons.  Sometimes, a future homeowner will ask for a drain inspection as a part of a home inspection before they purchase a property. No one wants to learn belatedly that their sewer line on a house they just purchased needs to be replaced.  The plumbing camera will show corrosion, leaks, pipe anomalies, root growth, and clogs.

A clog which keep coming back

Sometimes, when a homeowner calls a plumbing service multiple times with a clogging problem, the plumbing camera is sent down to find out exactly why this keeps recurring. Usually, there is a problem spot such as a crushed pipe, roots intrusion, or even an obstruction, but there isn’t an economical method of finding this hidden damage or blockage without the camera. Once a line is cleared, the pipe can be inspected again to make sure the cleanout was successful.

Roots -- the beginning of a long term problem unless the pipe is repaired.

Roots -- the beginning of a long term problem unless the pipe is repaired.

Lost valuables

Sometimes, a homeowner will call because someone’s wedding ring, keys, or other valuables have fallen down the drain. Retrievals are one of the more exciting aspects of using a plumbing camera. There are a few of these available to view on YouTube if you don’t get enough drama from Netflix.


If a homeowner suddenly has a weirdly high water bill, or an oasis of weeds sprouts in their desert landscape in the middle of summer, or their water pressure becomes dismal, these are signs you may have a leak. A plumbing camera is a non-invasive way of pinpointing the exact problem and location.  This will save time, effort and money.  Using the camera equipment can help a plumber determine the exact location of the problem. When the clock is ticking, this is the fastest, easiest method. In addition, people are averse to having a wide swath of their landscaping dug up when there is a faster, cleaner way.


Efficient management of a plumbers time and a clear view of problem areas are the main reasons to use a drain inspection camera. It’s hard to believe how far state-of-the-art plumbing has become, but there are far better things for a homeowner to spend their money on than having workmen tear up their lawn searching for a plumbing leak.